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Schematic for Goals-Based Planning

This diagram shows the relationships between the key components of a goals-based household financial plan. It shows how the plan builds upon the simple basic information of income and expenses to create a full multi-period lifecycle plan based on the […]

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Fundedness: Should You Use an Investment-Based or a Goals-Based Plan?

Sometimes we talk too much about theory and lose touch with the everyday reality of what lifecycle financial planning is about. It’s a fair question for someone to ask, “What is a financial plan, and why do I need one? […]

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Introducing R-MAP Planner and Its Household Balance Sheet Framework

In these posts I will explain what R-MAP Planner™ is and how to use it. As a consequence, I will also discuss lifecycle financial planning, and the Retirement Income Industry Association’s RMA℠ method for retirement management. R-MAP™ is planning tool, […]

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