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Don’t Bet Your Retirement On Robo-Planning

  Robo-advisers are websites that provide automated low-cost investment in balanced portfolios. Typically, the portfolio balance is based on risk tolerance quizzes and/or client-supplied time horizons, two common but limited methods for establishing how much market risk to allocate to […]

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Finding the Upside on Your Household Balance Sheet

Inescapably the time comes to consider that spending from savings is different from saving from income. You survey your savings and investments, scattered across a number of accounts, and the question arises, how best to manage this money to get […]

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A Sample Plan – The Household Retirement Policy Statement

I have been posting recently about goals-based planning. It may be hard to visualize what is unique about this kind of planning. So here is a sample plan from R-MAP Planner, the tool I developed for goals-based planning, so you […]

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Quick Start Goals-Based Planning Guide

Goals-based planning can seem complex, particularly when you have to make it up as you go along because you lack tools designed to make planning more efficient. I developed R-MAP Planner because I couldn’t find tools that helped efficiently plan […]

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Schematic for Goals-Based Planning

This diagram shows the relationships between the key components of a goals-based household financial plan. It shows how the plan builds upon the simple basic information of income and expenses to create a full multi-period lifecycle plan based on the […]

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The Goals-Based Planning Workflow

Talking about how the household balance sheet should be at the center of the financial plan, and not the investment portfolio can be a bit abstract. So here’s a flow chart of the goals-based planning workflow (PDF link)  showing the balance […]

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Goals-Based Planning: Value Averaging and Upside Investing

Good planning is an antidote to fear. If you are approaching retirement, an overarching fear is not having enough money to live comfortably without a paycheck, possibly for a (very) long time. Last time we talked about goals-based planning and […]

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Fundedness: Should You Use an Investment-Based or a Goals-Based Plan?

Sometimes we talk too much about theory and lose touch with the everyday reality of what lifecycle financial planning is about. It’s a fair question for someone to ask, “What is a financial plan, and why do I need one? […]

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