R-MAP Planner™ v3.7.1
Student Edition
6 Month License to Use

R-MAP Planner™ v3.7.1
Student Edition
6 Month License to Use

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Excellent study tool! Supports the RMA℠ curriculum!

R-MAP Planner Student Edition™, is a fully-functional value-priced version of the standard R-MAP Planner™ Excel application, intended for student use during the course of study for the Retirement Management Analyst (RMA℠) designation.

A great learning tool, R-MAP Planner SE™ comes with a Quick Start Guide! that is closely linked to the RMA℠ curriculum book. After you finish the course , upgrade to the full version with the full $25 cost of the Student Edition credited against a standard one-year R-MAP Planner™ license.

Get a grip on the RMA℠ method! R-MAP Planner™ makes floor and upside balance sheet planning immediately visible and accessible!

Thank you for choosing R-MAP Planner™!

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Immediate download after checkout includes R-MAP Planner Student Edition™ Excel application, pre-loaded with RMA℠ Long Case data from RMA℠ Curriculum book. Also includes portfolio price updater macro-worksheet and Quick Start Guide!

Purchasers receive an email with a discount code for full credit for the $25 cost of the Student Edition when upgrading to a full one-year license for the standard edition of R-MAP Planner™.  The Student Edition license is not renewable.


  • Full goals-based annual timeline budgeting
  • Cash flow impact of Social Security claiming strategy
  • Automatic under-funded, constrained, over-funded fundedness analysis
  • Automatic household balance sheet displays upside, income floor, longevity, and reserves allocation
  • Full lifetime plan with accumulation and retirement periods and 75-year cash flow, with annual tax estimates
  • Floor Builder—create income floor from TIPS, CDs, bonds, zeros, and annuities
  • Savings Builder—savings amount/% to cover income floor at retirement from the balance sheet
  • Before and after balance sheet and cash flow tables show effect of newly created dedicated income floor
  • Roth conversion analysis
  • Cash flow charts show source of funds by account and portfolio balance timeline
  • Household risk exposure and relative risk aversion calculation for cash reserves
  • Upside/Floor/Reserves allocation from balance sheet applied to U/F/R model portfolio, with before and after allocations reflecting newly created dedicated income floor
  • Client holdings tracked against model portfolio with price updater
  • Full credit when upgrading to standard one-year license

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Student Edition
6 Month License to Use

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